Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Track Meet

This was Kaitlyn's first ever track meet, she did great!

Poor thing had to run against two of her best friends in this one. It is the quarter mile run, she came in first!!!! So Proud!!

This is Kaitlyn's teacher Mrs. Riggan. She has been an absolute blessing and we are going to miss her a lot.

Kaitlyn really enjoyed her first track meet and she did an awesome job. She ran an obstacle course and three different races. She also got a few ribbons for first, second and fifth places.

We are very proud!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Band Concert

Joseph had his end of the year band recital. We are so proud of him. He plays the baritone, which is a smaller version of the tuba. He is also in first chair for that instrument.
The sixth grade band went to Lubbock last week for a competition and they won!!! They recieved a great trophy and were all rightfully excited. He has done really, really well this year in band and we are very proud of him.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A day at the Doctor's office

He got a great leg message out the whole ordeal, he he.....
And lots and lots of band aids.....

Doctor Kaitlyn and Nurse Haley to the rescue.
Gary hurt his back at work. The doctor's think that he may have a slipped disc, hopefully we will hear good news today. Anyhow, I won't let him do very much and it is driving him crazy. So Doctor Kaitlyn and Nurse Haley came to his rescue with their wash clothes and band aids. He looks very thrilled doesn't he? HA HA HA!!!!!!