Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wonderful Man

Laundry is my least favorite of the household chores.....I absolutely hate to do laundry! LOL
Sometimes I would even let it go and just do it all on one or two set days of the week..... makes no sense at all I know. I guess that my poor husband wanted to motivate me a little more, because he went out and bought me a new washer and dryer. Isn't he wonderful!!!!!
Much to his amazement... It actually worked! LOL
He is a sweet man!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Members of our Family!

Meet Shava and Gizmo!!!! They are shih tzu puppies and they are absolutely adorable. They are very sweet and really tiny. Gizmo is the gold one with a black mask, he is imperial shih tzu with champion blood line. He is momma's baby, he only weighs 3 lbs. Shava is a little bigger, she is about 4 1/2 lbs, she is not imperial, but is also champion blood line.

They love to play with their toys, especially these little toy teacups. I love it!!!!!

Daddy loves them too!!!!

Gizmo likes to sleep in the console of the suburban when we go places. He is very lazy and loves to be pampered and primped. It is too funny. We are hoping to start showing them in dog shows when they get a little older. Gary is very excited, we think it will be a great family function for us. I feel like I have twin toddlers in my house, it has been very hectic. They are house training wonderfully and they never really cry when they are in their kennel at night. We don't hear a peep all night, Thank God........
We are truely blessed.

Learning To Cook

Kaitlyn has been wanting to learn how to cook for quite some time now. It has always made me nervous to have kids in the kitchen, but I figured it was time to start teaching her. She did great!

This is the first pie that she has ever made. She made a cherry pie for Granny!

It was Delicious!!!!!!

July 4th

My Aunt Brenda was gracious enough to let us use her pool on July 4th. We had a great time, it is so beautiful over there isn't it.

My handsome husband cooked food on the grill for us. It was delicious!!

The kids had a great time swimming. They did not want to leave.

We went out to the country and popped fireworks for the kids. They had a great time..... but I think next year we will just go watch them. I was so nervous, the entire time, lol. But it was great to see the children so excited.

Summer Fun

We have just spent the summer playing and lounging around. It has been so hot!!!

This is our little rock star, she is a Hannah Montana look alike. Too Cute!!!

Momma's favorite time of the day - Naptime. In this picture the girls decided to take a nap with me. As you can see Mom did not get any rest!

We went to the Zoo a couple of weeks ago with Granny. It was a blast, but the pictures did not all take. It was very hot that day.

But it was beautiful!!!!!